Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome to the new academic year 2012

Welcome to the parents of sec 1 TKSS students, 2012. The year ahead will be a new phase for your son and yourself, as parents (especially if the child is the eldest of your children). Holistic education is the aim of TKSS. Students will have opportunities presented to them for development. Parents play a crucial role in providing support and encouragement for the child to grow and excel in secondary school education.
PSG (Parent Support Group) aim to strength the partnership of parents with the school for the development of our child. PSG organises activities for parents to engage with the school as well as programs on parenting. We hope you will participate in these activities. For parents with a strong sense of volunteerism, PSG and TKSS school management will welcome any help we can get. From tending to libraries to working on projects. If your profession can offer students education opportunities, do approach the school. When participating, you can form your parents network and make friends along the way. Do scroll through the previous blog postings to get a flavour of the PSG activities.
You can contact the school office or PSG committee members to get involved.
Welcome to an exciting 2012.
Hei Tong,
Vice Chair and blog adminstrator of PSG Committee.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Congratulation to Public Service Star Award receipent

The picture below was taken from The Straits Times dated 29 Aug 2011. We are fortunate to have him in our School Advisory Committee. Congrtaulations !!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

TK Bazaar 26 May 2011

Dear Bazaar Team,
It was heart warming to see the great response from teachers and students at our stall. I was so shocked that the 100 cupcakes were wiped out within the first hours of business. The curry chicken was just left with gravy and the Bundung sold to the every last drop. $400+ for two
hours work is amazing, may be we should consider to open a permanent store in school uh, haha.....
It was wonderful to see one and all in high spirit yesterday.Well done team! With regards...Sebastian

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful cause. Appreciate all the time and effort put in.
Warm regards,

Dear All,

To those of you who were present today at the TK Charity Bazaar – Thank You so much for such a vibrant support. We sold our TK Cupcakes for less than an hour! Excellent work indeed. The Chicken Curry and Bandung were just as good. We sold to the very last drop and yet through word of mouth many came back to ask for more..more..more. We told them come back next year please!! For the surrogate buyers Thank You so much for adopting the Cup Cakes. And last but the least, Thank You to those who were involved indirectly too … poster making ( Smrita ) and etc…etc. It is always a pleasure working around those who gives their best.

A Special Thanks to:

1. Maisie for her Rose Syrup Adventure

2. Emily for her enduring spirit

3. Cliff & Sebastian for being the str

ong pillars

4. Poh Choo the everlasting support


Yin the Curry Lady

6. Alena for being there when we need you

Best Regards, Norsiah Reja

Sports Day ... PSG runner

TK Sports Day is always a special, exciting day, oh...and I dont mean just for the kids. For me and some of the parents that compete in the highlight of the day's event, the inaugural 4x100m relay parents vs teachers vs TK alumni race, it is something we have been looking forward to all year. Last year the parents team came in 3rd. The teachers and alumni were too quick for us (there were rumours of steroid abuse by the winning team and runnerup teams but hey lets not get into that....). This year the parents are going for GOLD! Perhaps we are a tad competitive but it is all in the name of fun and a good laugh.

I started the day by "talking up" our imminent victory to everyone at my office that would listen. I posted on my facebook and twitter that I told my son, Shaun to warn his teachers to say hello to the guy in the red adidas shirt at the start line because once the gun goes off, all they will see is my back :)

To generate some extra spice in the race, I wore Shaun's house shirt "Tagore" and got the Tagore cheer squad to really cheer on the "uncles" in the race! Everyone was having so much fun and it was building up to a heady crescendo fueled by testosterone and adrenalin.

When the race was about to start, we got down to serious business. Because the parents team looked too formidable (ahem...), the judges decided to mix up the teams. My team had 2 parents and 2 teachers. Once the gun went off, we forgot we were unfit, 40 something, office bound corporate soldiers and turned into racing cheetahs. To add to the excitement, there were a few spills and thrills, people falling over, batons dropped. At the end of the race, we were all smiling, congratulating each other and back slapping each other like we just ran in the REAL Olympics! and yes, my team did win gold!

The serendipity of being part of the TK Sports Day is the reaction from my son. He was happy to see his "papa" participating and being part of his school's event, he received numerous questions from his mates ("is that your dad?" followed by "when did he escape from the zoo/circus.." good on them to have a sense of humour :). I also got a chance to meet and be-friend some of Shaun's mates. So lots of good things that came out of this event.

You can bet your house on it that I will be back next year! Will I see you at the start line?

Steven Pang

Parents' comment on Sports Day

Dear Everyone in PSG,

Thanks for your support today at the stadium. It was not easy for some of us to take leave and made other arrangements so that we could be there to be part of the school and to give support to our


It was a great time of jokes and laughters, catching up with friends and making new ones. As we were all seated so close to each other today, we were really a "force" to be reckoned with. I'm very sure that everyone at the stadium knew who we were and were very proud of us for making the trip.

Thanks again and for those who could not make it today due to work or other commitments, please don't feel bad, we hope to see you at the coming events.... With regards, Sebastian


It was indeed a great event! Thanks for all the efforts in making this such a fun event, both my wife and I enjoyed it so much especially when we won the "Gold" medal of the 4x100, I'm so proud of myself :-)


Friday, April 8, 2011

Parenting Seminar - 26 Mar 2011

Synopsis: SESSION 1: FUNNY BONES FOR A HAPPY FAMILY, by Mr. Nicholas Choo This is a workshop that encourages parents to look on the brighter side of their family life. It is presented in a humourous way, yet the facts of the matter are relevant and truthful. It helps them to enjoy light moments together rather than being so stressed up with the everyday cares of life. A series of anecdotes and life humour are shared to help the family look out for the lighter side of life that they could miss so easily. It covers a wide variety of areas including husband and wife relationships plus parents and children relationships. There are funny video clips to spice up the whole presentation. Humourous tales and paradoxical stories of life are all packaged into one continuous and entertaining journey.

Synopsis: SESSION 2: BUILDING BRIDGES WITH YOUR TEENS, by Mrs Alice Lee-Have you tried relating to your teenagers the way your parents related to you when you were a teenager? Was the outcome something that you had expected or desired? Building bridges with our teenagers is about a relationship. A relationship that seeks to communicate. A relationship that says, ‘let’s talk. I’m here for you.’ A relationship that wants the best for our teenagers. For parents who are serious about building bridges with their teenagers, it is important for us to understand the changing needs and development of our teenagers in this 21st century.

Some comments from parents:

+ Enjoyed both talks but should have longer time for session 1.

+ The talk is very good and informative. I would strongly encourage parents to attend. I benefitted alot from the workshop. I am thankful and hope it will help my relationship with my 16 years old son. Worthwhile attending.

+ Thank you PSG for bringing the two speakers, it is so motivating.

+ Suggest to offer discount when a couple attend.

+ I am glad that I have attended the workshops.

+ Very knowledgeable, very good and useful.

+ Very good workshop.

TK1Nite Photoblog

Welcome to TK one nite. Organised by Parents for Parents.
Students were assigned with the role as guides to the guests. They are not as fluent as professional tour guides but their response is very much candid and from a student's standpoint.

Labouratories were part of the tour. Some experiments apparatus were set up to give parents of the new challenge secondary school would bring.

Parents leaving a note of encouragement on the aspiration poster drawn by their child mounted on the table.
Parents were briefed by Head of Departments on the key differences which Sec 1 student face in terms of subject learning. Advise were also given to parents in ways to help their child handle the new challenges through their daily interaction with the children e.g discussion of current affairs.

Parents from the same class (child's) forming their network. Form teachers were also on hand to give more insights into the cirriculum. The atmosphere was informal... over a sit down dinner.

At the end of the successful event, the PSG organising committee did a "jump" shot to celebrate the teamwork.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CCA recruitment Drive 2011, Jan

On this day, usually the first Saturday of School term, all CCA were out in force to show their acitvities, programs and achievement... for recuits. CCAs took turn to take center stage to perform. Parents were with children to browse through the CCA stands to guide them through the selection of CCA.

PSG is familiar with the anxiety of the students and were on hand to interact with the parents to share experience of some of the CCA. PSG also took the opportunity to interact with the parents and encourage them to register for parenting program or TK One Night.

Behind the scene: There was a work committee to organise the PSG portion of the CCA Recruitment day. This type of volunteer work brought out the public spirit of these parents. Through this project, bonds were build, friends were made... and work gets done in a happy manner i.e. helping parents of new students to settle in quickly into the new phase of their lives with a strong start.

Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Lunar New Year Celebration

Students putting up a good show to bring up the festive mood of Lunar New Year.

Parents and senior citizens were invited to share the joy and also appreciate the spirit of the youths who put together a magnificant show despite their busy school curriculum.

Lion Dance is a very invigorating way to bring out the festive joy. It was a highly anticipated part of the program.

TK PSG thank the school for inviting the parents and also structured the event such that our students contributed or appreciated the traditional activities to keep the culture. It also gave variety to the students' life beyond academics.