Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cyber Wellness course for parents

PSG volunteers were organized and ready to welcome the participants for the Cyber Wellness seminar on 17th Jan 09.

•Participants received handouts and a booklet (otherwise to be purchased at $6 from bookstores). You can checkout http://www.planetcrush.org/
•"...definitely a recommended guide for all parents - easy-to-read, comprehensive and relevant. It contains useful references and websites for readers..."- Mdm So Mun Yee Vice Principal, Tanjong Katong Secondary Shool

•Mei Mei, Deepu and Mega registered the participants as they streamed into the library for the seminar.
•In my own words, Cyber Wellness is about how to have your child’s interaction with the computer world be meaningful without letting it spiral out of control, into harm’s way.

•The speaker is from CRUSH, an external organisation that specializes in this area for school going children.
•This is the second time which I had attended this seminar after a year's gap. It is still an eye-opener for me as the materials are updated. I wasn’t aware that kids could purchase “cherry” stored value cards from convenience stores readily. With these cards they could gain access to some sites which could be quite objectionable.
•I was reminded that while our children may be physically away from the computer but mentally their minds could be still be wondering within cyber fantasies even when eating, doing their homework or attending classes. The course shared insights on the fundamentals into the issue from a child’s perspective and gave tips on how to manage the issue as parents.

•Tea break was provided and timed well. Parent spoke to one another to get a feel of the situation other parents are facing and exchanged points on how they are handling the situations. This was quite an icebreaker. During the chats, I found an expectation from parents to know if there are settings or software to block access to harmful sites. This can be easily done under “Tools-> Internet options-> Security” which allows you to set blocks, etc. The course is about equiping parents with more effective tools by understanding the psychology of the issue and develop practical ways to manage it.

•I came away wiser despite having attended the talk a year ago. I am again motivated to get my child to find alternative hobbies to strike a better balance with Cyber space.

Monday, January 19, 2009


CCA day got many students exploring the stands/stalls for a glimpse of the various groups and clubs. The band was there to promote their activity and providing a carnival atmosphere to the event with their blend of music pieces.
As usual, the PSG was there to stay in touch with parents through such an occassion. PSG members was there to get to know the parents, offer their views and experience on CCA as parents for parents. PSG was also there to promot the Cyber Wellness workshop and TK1 nite. There were questions on why the TK1 night starts at 4 pm. Here is why.... upon arrival, parents will start their tour to the school's facility to let them understand the environment their child will learn in. The facilities and labs will give parents a better understanding of the work the child will have to handle. The most interesting part of the tour has to be the classroom visit (your child's). Parents will have to do something there (I will keep this a mystery for those parents who are attending). There will be a segment whereby the school principal and his staff members will brief parents on some key elements which secondary one in TK differs from primary 6. These briefing will help parents to manage their child better with regards to the schoolwork.

Along with the event sign up activities, PSG put T-shirts on sale. This time round, display board was put up to let parents know that the T-shirt sale do carry a purpose of supporting the PSG Character award. Let me elaborate.
Annually, PSG set aside monetary awards to give recognition to students. The nominees for the award comes from the teachers and PSG will be part of the final committee to select the winner. The nominees are students who exhibit exceptional qualities in their character.

Picture of PSG members after the event. The bond among the PSG volunteers is a great indication of the friendship that exists.

I will be attending the Cyber Wellness workshop and will let you know more about the event in my next posting.