Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome to the new academic year 2012

Welcome to the parents of sec 1 TKSS students, 2012. The year ahead will be a new phase for your son and yourself, as parents (especially if the child is the eldest of your children). Holistic education is the aim of TKSS. Students will have opportunities presented to them for development. Parents play a crucial role in providing support and encouragement for the child to grow and excel in secondary school education.
PSG (Parent Support Group) aim to strength the partnership of parents with the school for the development of our child. PSG organises activities for parents to engage with the school as well as programs on parenting. We hope you will participate in these activities. For parents with a strong sense of volunteerism, PSG and TKSS school management will welcome any help we can get. From tending to libraries to working on projects. If your profession can offer students education opportunities, do approach the school. When participating, you can form your parents network and make friends along the way. Do scroll through the previous blog postings to get a flavour of the PSG activities.
You can contact the school office or PSG committee members to get involved.
Welcome to an exciting 2012.
Hei Tong,
Vice Chair and blog adminstrator of PSG Committee.