Friday, April 8, 2011

Parenting Seminar - 26 Mar 2011

Synopsis: SESSION 1: FUNNY BONES FOR A HAPPY FAMILY, by Mr. Nicholas Choo This is a workshop that encourages parents to look on the brighter side of their family life. It is presented in a humourous way, yet the facts of the matter are relevant and truthful. It helps them to enjoy light moments together rather than being so stressed up with the everyday cares of life. A series of anecdotes and life humour are shared to help the family look out for the lighter side of life that they could miss so easily. It covers a wide variety of areas including husband and wife relationships plus parents and children relationships. There are funny video clips to spice up the whole presentation. Humourous tales and paradoxical stories of life are all packaged into one continuous and entertaining journey.

Synopsis: SESSION 2: BUILDING BRIDGES WITH YOUR TEENS, by Mrs Alice Lee-Have you tried relating to your teenagers the way your parents related to you when you were a teenager? Was the outcome something that you had expected or desired? Building bridges with our teenagers is about a relationship. A relationship that seeks to communicate. A relationship that says, ‘let’s talk. I’m here for you.’ A relationship that wants the best for our teenagers. For parents who are serious about building bridges with their teenagers, it is important for us to understand the changing needs and development of our teenagers in this 21st century.

Some comments from parents:

+ Enjoyed both talks but should have longer time for session 1.

+ The talk is very good and informative. I would strongly encourage parents to attend. I benefitted alot from the workshop. I am thankful and hope it will help my relationship with my 16 years old son. Worthwhile attending.

+ Thank you PSG for bringing the two speakers, it is so motivating.

+ Suggest to offer discount when a couple attend.

+ I am glad that I have attended the workshops.

+ Very knowledgeable, very good and useful.

+ Very good workshop.

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Anonymous said...

ALice Tok was very very good. Better than I expected. Her books were all grabbed up.