Tuesday, November 10, 2020

TKSS Graduation Ceremony 2020

~ Article Contributed by Lianny Harianto 

2020 is a challenging year for everyone and this is no exception for our students. Despite the Home-Based Learning they had to experience this year, we believed that our students, especially the Sec 4s, have worked hard to strive their best in achieving their goals. 

To lift up their spirits during this difficult year, the TKSS Parent Support Group has been giving moral support to them by preparing a Bookmark with some words of encouragement. 

As "Class of ACUITY" was the tagline for this year's cohort, we made acronyms from the word "ACUITY". We hope it would inspire and lead the students to carry a more positive attitude towards their future. 

Other than the bookmark, we also prepared a souvenir for them. The school's name, logo and the tagline were printed on a Gym Pouch as a memento. 

The gifts were presented to the students during their Graduation Ceremony which was held on Oct 2, 2020. 

We wish our students all the best for their future endeavours and hope they succeed in all that they do.

Last but not least, the TKSS Parent Support Group deeply appreciate and would like to thank the School Leaders, Teachers and Staff of TKSS for nurturing, grooming and educating our children with their love, care, and passion. This would not have been possible without their dedication.


Monday, November 9, 2020

TKSS Teachers Day 2020

Can you recall a Teacher who made a difference in your life?

Many of us have encountered at least one or more inspiring teacher who have supported our dreams and made our time in school that much brighter.  Indeed many teachers have changed the course of many a student’s life, boosted their confidence and self-esteem and walked them through a difficult stage of their lives. 

The TK PSG committee was given the privilege to express our gratitude to the Management and Staff of TKSS during this extraordinary COVID-19 year – though a small gift bag.  We wanted to convey our gratitude with regards of health and wellness so the team came up with three items – a portable USB fan, a fruit and a snack bar all packed in an unassuming brown bag sealed with our short “Happy Teachers’ Day” sticker.    This is my tenth time packing Teachers’ day presents as a parent.  Each time a different group of parents gather and as we pack, the same conversation will unfold as we exchange fond memories of our own time as a student and the teachers who left an indelible mark at each stage of our growing-up years.  I find myself thanking silently in my heart - all the teachers who have encouraged me, guided me and how I have lost contact with them in a time not so long ago when mobile phones did not exist. 

It is a simple sentence – Happy Teachers’ Day – it culminates many grateful thoughts as a student as a parent and maybe later in life as a grandparent.    

It is a simple brown bag – it culminates the gratitude and regards from all TK parents to all the Management and Staff of TKSS who spend more time with our children and who have tirelessly helped chisel, mold and shape our children’s lives for the better.

Thank you from all of us at TKSS.

Article contributed by Brigid Loh


The team presented the Teachers' day gift bags to TKSS management

Happy Teachers' Day from all of us at TKSS

Monday, December 9, 2019

Secondary 4 Evening Study Snacks

The working committee for the project
During the period 16 Sep to 4 Oct 2019, the Sec 4s were in high gear preparing for their GCE O Level exams. Some stayed on in school till late in the evening for consultations with teachers, group study or simple quiet self study.

As a show of support, PSG had organised snack sessions every Tuesdays & Thursdays ( for 6 sessions), to lightly fuel up the students till they got home for their dinner. Each day, we served several snacks, such as energy bars, biscuits, fruits, buns, cupcakes, cereal packs & even local favorites such as epok-epok (fried Malay curry puffs) & samosas, catering to a size of about 50 students.

As soon as the mommies laid out the goodies on the table outside the school auditorium, the students came flocking, full of anticipation for a delicious break from their respective study sessions. It was a great satisfaction to see the students enjoying the snacks, some more than others. The pizza bread, epok-epok & vegetarian samosas proved to be big hits!

For the final session on 3 Oct 2019, the working committee for this project decided to mark the occasion by throwing a pizza party. As pizza is more pricey than the usual snack spread, all 3 mommies of the working committee had generously agreed to partially sponsor the pizzas by topping up the cost above the average amount spent on the previous sessions. We ordered a total of 8 large pizzas. It was such a delightful session seeing the students indulging in their favorite food.

All the best for the upcoming GCE O Level exams, our dear Sec 4s!

Support by Principal Mrs Ong during the 1st snack session
Pizza bread was a big hit!

Epok-epok & samosas were also quickly snapped up by the students
Group photo with school leaders, PSG volunteers & students taken on final session

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

International Friendship Day 2019

- Article contributed by Janice F Lawther

TKSS marked International Friendship Day (IFD) on 12 April 2019 with a day of activities supported by the Parent Support Group (PSG). In keeping with this year’s theme of Connected Communities, PSG put their heads together to plan several meaningful traditional crafts and games for students to immerse themselves in and experience the diverse cultures of our ASEAN neighbours.

The school canteen was transformed into a colourful and carnival-like arena where make-shift booths were set-up overnight by zealous parents. Music filled the air and added to the vibrant atmosphere.
Parents arrived in full-force, all decked up in a riot of colourful, traditional wear and ready to be part of the day’s celebration. One could sense immediately the affinity of PSG’s multi-cultural community.

Students came by during their study break and joined in the energetic game of Tin-Can walking; our modified version of the popular traditional past-time of coconut-shell walking in Thailand. 

Nearby, parents were seen engaged in various craft activities. Some worked with students in a weaving activity - creating crochet-style baskets made out of colourful T-shirt yarn. Students had donated their old T-shirts which were cut up into strips and the resulting yarn was woven and made into useful items like bags, rugs, floor mats and seat pads. Students got to experience first-hand what recycling and upcycling are about – transforming unwanted items into new, practical and usable products. In two hours after much collaborated effort and hard work, two baskets were lovingly created and presented to the school.

Students also crowded around another booth to try their hand at making personalized cloth buttons and badges and bringing home their creations. Parents worked feverishly to help put together batik, silk and brocade cloth for students to have a feel of the common materials used around the region.
Other students were quick to learn from parents demonstrating the art of weaving fish made out of old magazine paper. Weaving fish into simple mobile structures is a common practice among our  neighbouring Indonesian and Thai communities. In the spirit of IFD, students went a step further by adding on their own Friendship dedications to the fish. They filled up and decorated an IFD board with brightly-coloured buttons, fish and dedications.  

Lastly and not-to-be-missed, students and parents alike had much fun and excitement coming together at the costumes-and-props booth where they dressed up in a variety of traditional costumes and took many Instagrammable-worthy photos!

It was a day to be remembered where both old and new friendships were forged. And at PSG, also a renewed understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures.

TKSS PSG Breakfast 2019

- Article contributed by Patsy Ng

The legacy of the TK Parents Support Group (PSG) can continue year after year only with enthusiastic and supportive parents of Secondary One students joining as new PSG members, replacing PSG members of graduating Secondary 4 students.

This year, we had a record number of parents of Secondary One students joining as new PSG members. On 6 Apr Sat, the PSG organised a meet and greet networking event to officially welcome our new PSG members and to share the role of the PSG and how the PSG can support and partner with the school to support the learning journey of our students. The event also served as a networking platform for PSG members to mingle and get acquainted with one another, and share parenting experiences. 

After an affable welcome by the principal, Mrs Dolly Ong, our PSG Chairman Ong Sim Ho presented the role of PSG to new members and how they can contribute and add value to the school and students. Patsy Ng, one of the three Vice-Chairman of PSG, also shared some details about the upcoming school events supported by the PSG. The event was supported by the presence of many PSG Main Committee members, who mingled with new members and shared their experiences unselfishly over a delicious peranakan brunch.

The event marks the beginning of our 2019 PSG events. Thank you to all the PSG members who took time to attend the meaningful event and most  of all, for engaging with one another with so much enthusiasm. This event had formed new friendships among many TK Parents . 

 TK PSG and TK Parents - you really rock!

TKSS Chinese New Year 2019

- Article contributed by Revital Shalev

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Class of Champions 2018, this is your time to SHINE and we are here to CHEER you on!

~Article contributed by Jeslin Wee

A section of the TKSS canteen was transformed into a PSG well-wishes corner on 23 October and 8 November 2018.

There were:

- Posters with pictures and words of encouragement
- Baskets with food bags filled with Milo pack and muffins, doughnuts, pizza bread, cupcakes
- Tables lined with pretty tablecloths

23 October and 8 November 2018 were the days of the GCE "O" level English and Mother Tongue papers. TKPSG was there to lend our support to the Class of Champions 2018.

Food was snapped up quickly as the students only had a short interval of 20 minutes between 2 papers. It is heart-warming to see the smiles on the students’ faces as they were handed with the food bags together with loads of well-wishes from PSG.

Class of Champions, 
This is your time to SHINE! 
All the BEST to all of you!!