Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TK1 Nite 2009 - A special night for Parents

At 4pm, many parents were ready to start the school tour. Members of the Parents Support Group were on hand to quickly register the participants.
In groups of ten, parents were led by student councillors to view various school facilities. Student project work like filtration and distillation systems were on display in the science lab.
After the lab and DnT workshop tours, parents were led to their child's classroom to have an appreciation of the child's study environment. Most parents took the opportunity to write notes of encouragement on their child's decorated desk tops.
Class reps of sec 1C had a great start. They took the opportunity to introduce themselves and their roles to the parents. Lolita is one the 1C class reps whom I've met. She certainly showed alot of earnest.

Before dinner commenced, Principal and Heads of department spent some time to brief the parents on the school and how parents can help their child transition into the rigor of sec 1 education in TK.
Parents got to know each other while dining. Contacts were exchanged and parenting experiences shared. I was fortunate to be able to share some of the experiences of the volunteers and brief parents on participation opportunities. Mr Armajit Singh, whose son is in Sec 1D, will be keen to participate in the sports day relay event. His wife has also express keen interest to get active in PSG work. Another parent, Hemila, is definitely considering some form of involvement and was seeking some guidance from PSG member, Sunitha. Besides these parents, I am confident that there are more parents who are just as keen.

This year, the PSG committee received valuable donations from parents to support its activities. All your donations will be put to good use, to benefit the TK students!
The PSG committee would like to thank all the parents who have shown their support. We have enjoyed the company of parents who attended the TK1 Nite and we hope you, the parents, felt the same. Your participation will help to foster good partnership with the school's teaching staff. There were parents who understood the school's needs and have registered their desire to volunteer their services or participate in future events. Parents can also volunteer or register their participation by contacting your class reps or write an email to the PSG committee listed in this blog. Thank you for a wonderful evening with us.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Flag off by SAC Chairman, Mr. Sim
Checking out the prizes

Some of the supportive Parents

"With a huff and a puff...away they go...but we're not talking about the big, bad wolf blowing down the three little pigs' house here! It's the annual TK road run that has again drawn the full participation of the students & staff at TK, not forgetting our ardent parents supporters too. It was a triumphant day for the top runners who were justly rewarded for their stamina and perseverance with their much deserved trophies. and a tiring but a great workout for all others who had participated. Kudos to the organising committee for a great job well done!"