Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Sec 4 Study Night Fund Raising Sale

~ Article contributed by Rose Anuar

On the 29th April 2013,TK PSG organized a fund raising sale for the Sec 4 Study Nights.The fund will be used to defray the cost of food and beverages for Sec 4 students who attend study nights before the prelim and GCE 'O' level exams. 

The Tteam was lead by Raihana and myself with the help of other parent volunteer - Emily, Poh Choo, Merry, Yaner, Diah, Jumaliah  and Samuel. 

We chose to sell red velvet cupcakes and hot dog buns. We did not anticipate that the sale would be very good. During the 1st recess for the lower sec,  100 pcs of red velvet cupcakes were snapped up in 15 minutes. Most of the students  queueing up were disappointed when it was sold out. Raihana decided that we should take per-order from the students and bring the cupcakes the next day. I discussed with Mdm Jasma and she agreed . We announced the idea of the pre-order and they were happy about it. The excitement and the very good sale did not stop there! 

The hot dog buns topped with creme cheese, mayonnaise and choice of 
Ketchup or chili sauce  was a hot favorite among the kids too. In 20 Minutes of the first recess , there were about 40 hotdogs left of the 200 pcs that we prepared. I did not want to disappoint the upper sec students who would come down at 10.30 am for their recess and decided to act fast.

Within minutes, as the others PSG members were busy attending to the sales, I was on my way to Giant Hypermarket  at Parkway Parade to get supplies for more hotdog buns.  I felt like I was in an amazing race or some kind of shopping game! Running in the Hypermarket alley with trolley. An elderly lady was very kind  to let me pay before her for my supplies when I told her that I was having a fund raising and need to go back to school as soon as possible. Within  less than half an hour, I was back in school with another 130 buns and hotdogs for sale. 
It was amazing that we managed to prepare the hotdog buns just in time for the second recess using the steamer that I have brought and the school's staff room microwave oven. (With some help from Mdm Jasma)

The second recess was a bigger crowd. Students kept  on queueing up to pre-order  the cupcakes. There was a long queue for hotdogs too.  By  the end of the recess we were tired and excited because we managed to sell all the hotdogs that we prepared at the last minute!

The next day, with the help of Emily, Yi Ling and Poh Choo, we came back to school during recess to sell the pre-order red velvet cupcakes that Raihana baked for the students. The night before, I  decided to bake extra 100 pcs Oreo creme cheese cupcakes  for sale to surprise the students who were not aware of the pre-order sales. 

At the end of the 2nd recess, all the pre-order cupcakes and the oreo cupcakes that were on sale were snapped up. The respond was very good. Some of the teachers and students were disappointed that they were not able to buy them.  They suggested that we bake more next time. 

It was a very exciting, good, fun and memorable experience for all of us. We sold 330  hotdog buns and 250 cupcakes and made a very handsome profit! 

With dedicated team who has taken time off from work and commitments, this 1st TK Sec 4 fund raising sale 2013 was definitely a success!

We look forward to having the second sale soon!