Sunday, June 5, 2016

TKSS Sports Carnival

~ Article contributed by Vandita Khandelwal 

It was a sunny afternoon on Friday, 20th May 2016, as all students and teachers of TK gathered for the annual TK sports carnival. The TK sports carnival was a school event that the whole school had eagerly sought to enjoy as everyone waited in excitement for it to commence, amid the enthusiastic and vibrant atmosphere of the school. There was stiff competition among the four competing houses; Rutherford, Da Vinci, Tagore and Einstein in order to win the overall champion house trophy for the sports carnival. As always, the dedicated parents in the parent support group were present to support the school and did so without fail.

Finally, the sports carnival began as streams of students rushed down from the hall to try out the wide array of games that had been carefully planned out by the school. We set-up the parent support group stall serving tea and coffee to the parents who came down to support the school as a whole. Parents were also invited to try out the games and activities and earned double points for each station in an effort to contribute to the success of their child/ward’s respective houses. Eager to help their child’s house win, parents stepped up to participate in the various games. Teachers in charge of different houses too played the various games in order to score points for their houses! Not forgetting the prize for having played 5 games or more, being ice-cream provided by the school which significantly contributed to the already vibrant atmosphere that was filled with excitement.

This year’s games carnival, however, was different from the earlier ones. To commemorate TK’s 60th birthday, each game had a time limit of 60 seconds and there was a special event after the students and teachers had finished all the games and their ice creams, which was the TK60 Pushball Challenge! Students and teachers, working hand in hand, had to carry a ball 6 times around the parade square in the shortest possible amount of time. It was great fun to watch the students and teachers work together as one to carry the ball as they adopted different strategies in their different houses. At the end of the day, everyone was treated to a second ice-cream and impatiently waited for the results. Da Vinci had won   followed by Rutherford, Tagore and Einstein.

After a day of fun and excitement the TK sports carnival came to a close. A successful carnival had come to a close from all the hard work put in by the teachers and students and the support from the TK Parent Support Group who had taken the time to come and support the school in the games carnival and fully involved themselves in the carnival as members of the TK family.

See you next year !