Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cyber Wellness Workshop - 23 January 2010

Bringing up well-balanced teenagers is an uphill task, and more so with the presence of internet. It's not simple to guide them to use it wisely when there are always some new platforms, trends, and dangerous pitfalls. TKSS has been tackling this issue by organizing workshops for the students as well as the parents, collaborating with Touch Cyber Wellness & Sports. TK parents learned the latest in the workshop on Saturday 23rd January. Jaslin and Emily, both the mothers of the Sec1 students share their experience here.


I am glad that TKSS has arranged for this workshop as it gives us (as parents) a better understanding of what computer games are all about and why some kids can be so badly addicted to it.
Though my 2 kids are not obsessed with computer games (and that's because I impose restrictions on their usage), I feel that I am able to connect with them better after the workshop and we do discuss about MMOG, etc. I realise that not all computer games are bad for kids, so long as our kids are able to instil some self-discipline on themselves. I am never keen in those aquarium or farming in the Facebook. After hearing from Mr Poh (the speaker for the workshop) that these can be a good way to bond with the children, I asked my kids to teach me how to go about planting/harvesting, etc. It has definitely strengthened the relationship and bonding between us, which is so essential especially as they turn into

teenagers. I would like to thank TKSS for arranging this workshop for parents.

Jaslin Lau


The Cyber Wellness Seminar was very informative and useful for me. My children are growing up in this technology-savvy age and I must admit, they are better versed than I am in this area (be it computer or hand phone!). I have been a homemaker for quite a number of years now; I know I need to keep abreast of what’s going on especially in the computer world. Most of our kids are not spared of computer usage especially computer gaming. In fact, every spare time they have, they want to play computer games. Computer gaming has become an integral part of their lives! For the first time I heard of the term MMOG. MMOG stands for Massively Multi-player Online Games (e.g. Maple Story). They are highly interactive and addictive! Many gamers get absorbed in “living their virtual characters and immersing themselves in a fantasy world” that they cannot stop playing. There is also the social networking aspect like Facebook. Kids in this generation do not use emails, they chat online or blog! This seminar has opened my eye to see what my children are exposed to, what kind of games are available to them online and the possible danger these activities pose to them. Through this seminar, I learn how to better manage my children’s cyber gaming activity and to take an interest in what they do when they are in front of the screen. A good way to know what our children post on their accounts (say Facebook), invite them to be our friends in our accounts (do it when they still want to be your friend and when they still think you are cool☺). This seminar definitely gives me a better understanding of what goes on in the Cyber gaming world and why my children always say, “5 more minutes please”.

Emily Low

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Passionate Parents: Friends through PSG

If you happened to be in a MRT station recently, you may have noticed the poster. It put across a simple message of neighbourliness to enhance your life. Ladies in the picture: Mega Siew, Sunitha Raman, and at the second row: Takako Iino, Kartar Kaur, Ivy Chan. They are from five different countries. Their common link... Tanjong Katong Sec Sch. Their children studied in the same school. As parents, they wanted to give something back to the school. They volunteered their valuable time to be active members of PSG. Through participation, they got to know each other and their friendship blossomed. Now they are best of friends for life.
For the new PSG members, do let us know if you want to be an active PSG member. The PSG committee contacts are on the right column of the blog page. :-)