Friday, April 22, 2016

1st TKSS Sec 4 Fund Raising Event

~ Article contributed by Divisha Jaikishin Idnani

 On Friday, 15 April 16, TK PSG had the 1st TKSS Sec 4 Fund Raising sales along with International Friendship Day Celebration at the school canteen. 

As always, the funds collected will be used to buy dinner for the Sec 4 students who will be staying back in the school library before the prelims & O level exams, as well as to serve light refreshments on some days during O-Level exams.  

Our beautiful bakers
We sold hot dog buns topped with fillings of cheese and tomato sauce, chilli sauce or mustard.  In addition, we also sold fishballs on satay sticks and freshly baked chocolate cupcakes.  The response from the students was overwhelming during both lower sec and upper sec recesses.  Some students even queued up again for a second helping!!!

What really touches me this year was the support of the Sec 1 PSG members.  Many of whom came specially to render their help and support of this great event.  It was a fruitful morning seeing all the parents mingling around exchanging their contact numbers and bonding so well with each other. 

We all had a fun loving experience at this event and I want to personally thank all our TKSS PSG members for making this such a successful event.

This 1st TK Sec 4 fund raising 2016 was a great success and we look forward to having more such events in the future!  

Thank you for your support !