Friday, May 27, 2011

TK Bazaar 26 May 2011

Dear Bazaar Team,
It was heart warming to see the great response from teachers and students at our stall. I was so shocked that the 100 cupcakes were wiped out within the first hours of business. The curry chicken was just left with gravy and the Bundung sold to the every last drop. $400+ for two
hours work is amazing, may be we should consider to open a permanent store in school uh, haha.....
It was wonderful to see one and all in high spirit yesterday.Well done team! With regards...Sebastian

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful cause. Appreciate all the time and effort put in.
Warm regards,

Dear All,

To those of you who were present today at the TK Charity Bazaar – Thank You so much for such a vibrant support. We sold our TK Cupcakes for less than an hour! Excellent work indeed. The Chicken Curry and Bandung were just as good. We sold to the very last drop and yet through word of mouth many came back to ask for more..more..more. We told them come back next year please!! For the surrogate buyers Thank You so much for adopting the Cup Cakes. And last but the least, Thank You to those who were involved indirectly too … poster making ( Smrita ) and etc…etc. It is always a pleasure working around those who gives their best.

A Special Thanks to:

1. Maisie for her Rose Syrup Adventure

2. Emily for her enduring spirit

3. Cliff & Sebastian for being the str

ong pillars

4. Poh Choo the everlasting support


Yin the Curry Lady

6. Alena for being there when we need you

Best Regards, Norsiah Reja

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