Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 TK1 Nite ~ Collaboration Behind A Successful Event

~ Article contributed by Yiling

Getting Ready
Held on February 7 this year, TK1 Nite was a parent-school bonding event specially organized for the new Sec One parents.   Over these years, it has become a tradition at TKSS and takes place in the beginning of every new academic year.  The objective is simple and clear: being teenage parents, we truly value the importance of school-parent partnership and appreciate the benefits of parent support and network; and therefore TK1 Nite is created as a platform where the Sec One parents can interact in an informative and enjoyable environment.  With the full support from the school management & the staff, PSG takes the lead to organize this meaningful event. 

The Classroom Segment
School Tour by Students
The Registration Team kicked off first as early as last November, working committedly from designing the sign up form, taking parent’s registration, planning the seating arrangement, to managing all kinds of admin matters till the very last minute.  

At TK1 Nite, we emphasized very much the Classroom Session.  It provided an interactive and comfortable platform through which the new parents can enjoy their first time experience visiting their child’s classroom and meeting teachers and other parents.  To successfully replicate a memorable experience for the parents of all 7 classes, we carefully crafted the script and held the rehearsal to provide the guidelines to our PSG classroom facilitators so as to enhance the interactions for the first-met parents and break the ice. 

Connect & Be Entertained
Buffet & Dessert!
One of the highlights of TK1 Nite was food.  Our Foodie Team went extra effort to decorate the dinning hall and presented a spread of sumptuous buffet and dessert for the parents and the staff.  In addition, they also took care of the students who helped and performed and provided them with good meals and snacks as a token of our appreciation.  Considering the tight budget, the team has done a wonderful job to make everyone happy and satisfying.

From planning to execution, it required many people working together to make this special night happened.  We would like to thank the Principal Mdm Haslinda for her strong support and belief in school-parent partnership; and Mdm Jasma for her excellent coordination and advices for PSG; our gratitude also goes to the teachers and the staff who contributed to the event.  We dearly thank the student leaders, the alumni, the band, the student performers, the AV team and many.  It’s always heartwarming to see our all-rounded and talented TK students to excel in many aspects. 

Finally, Thank you to dearest PSG fellows for demonstrating the best Team TK spirit, once again!!

The Power of We !