Friday, July 22, 2016

TK 60th Bazaar & Racial Harmony Day (21 July 2016)

~ Article contributed by Candy Lee

As the title suggested, TK turns 60 this year and this is the first year that TK combined TK Bazaar with Racial Harmony Day. 

From forming the working team, planning the logistics to the actual day of event, TK PSG once again showed the power of "We".  

It was a beehive of activity in school early in the morning of 21st July. Teachers, students and of course the PSG Team were all busy setting up their stalls, ready to do their parts for the charity.  Oh... in case you aren't aware, all proceeds from the TK Bazaars go toward the charity organizations. 
Look at the queue!!!

With an aim in mind, TK PSG was all out to do its best!  Our food items were fried rice with chicken wings, vegetarian fried bee hoon with curry and popsicles.  We also had a team of parents who did hand henna and students were all queuing, waiting patiently for their turns!  What's more, our popsicles were sold out within 2 hours!  

For Racial Harmony Day segment, the team did something different this year too.  We came out with Q&As for different ethnic groups (ie, Chinese, Malay and Indian).  Questions and answers relating to traditional food, traditional games, etc of different ethnic group were drawn up to help the students to have better understanding of these groups. Handmade bookmarks and little snacks were also given to students as tokens of their participation in this fun and enriching exercise.

The event was a success and we were happy that we could make our little contribution towards the school's donations to the charitiable organizations.  

This is indeed a memorable and enjoyable event for the TK PSG team. 

        On behalf of TK PSG

       Happy 60th Birthday, TK

              You ROCKS!!!!!




                     YOU !!!

The Power of "WE"