Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 "O" Level Study Night Dinner by TKSS PSG

~ Article contributed by Kalpana V

Bento Set for the Students
Sec 4 Night Study period is scheduled every year by the school to give the "O" level students a chance to stay back in the school library till 9 pm and study undisturbed and in comfort of their campus.  The school leaders along with a few teachers took turn to be in school with the students to provide them both support and help.   

Parents In action!

The provision of dinner during the Study Night was an initiative by TKSS PSG, which has been on-going for a couple of years.  This year, the Study Night Project was scheduled for a period of 5 weeks and finished on 28 September.  It was a very rewarding experience for us - the parents.

The Sec 4 parents were simply amazing!  They showed their support in every possible way - from making cash donations to contributions of cartons drinks, biscuits, and healthy Yakult.  This gesture allowed PSG to not only cater for  bento-set dinners for 10 days but also provided refreshments including drinks and snacks for the students for the remaining 10 days.  

The appreciation received from students gave us all the boost and to see the strong TK parents spirit makes all the efforts so worthwhile. A very strong community of TK parents volunteered their time and made great effort to ensure in the Study Night Project is a smooth one - from logistics to distribution of the bento-set dinners.   A very big thanks and sincere appreciation to all parents for their contribution of time, effort  and donations which contributed to the success of the Night Study Project.

In addition, our deep appreciation to the school leaders and staff in particular, Madam Haslinda and Madam Jasma, who gave us their full support and actually are the biggest contributors to our efforts becoming fruitful. 

As always 🎉🎊 Thanks and cheers to the strong TK Parent Support Group 🎊 🎉

To our Sec 4 students, all the best to your "O" level!   TK PSG is always behind you!  ALL THE BEST!!!   

Remember what Mdm Haslinda always says, 
"When the going gets tough, TK gets tougher!"