Monday, December 22, 2008

Sec 1 Registration - Time to meet the parents

8:ooam was already a hive of activities for the PSG volunteers preparing to receive the parents of the sec 1 registration.

The smiling faces of these yellow-shirt volunteers speaks volumes to give a warm welcome to the visiting parents.

Parents were a brief write-up about PSG.
Time was set aside for parents to understand their role and opportunity to participate as stakeholders.

Safri, Chairman of the PSG, did have a captive audience as he guided the sec 1 parents through the activities of the year.

Parents workshop on Mentoring Teens in the Internet age is of significant relevance to the challenges faced by parents in dealing with the issue of Internet discipline and its appropriate use.

Immediately emphasis was for parents to attend the TK1 nite to have the opportunity for parents of the same class to network and help with the child's progress in school with information sharing.

There were encouraging response to the above 2 mentioned events and PSG volunteers were on hand to help register interested parties. Alan and Peck Khoon were to busy to notice the photo shot taken of them.

New PSG members are already at ease with PSG volunteer Veronica and were exchanging information. We will be more than happy if some of these goodwill will translate into more parent- participation to partner the school.

Siew Hoon is our excellent mandarin speaking PSG member besides Doris Teo. Both ladies are conversant in English as well. Hence, for parents who want to get your message across with mandarin, you are in good hands.
Malay and Indian PSG members will also be able to connect well in mother tongue with the PSG committee thru Safri, Sarifah, Mega, Sunitha, Rashvender, etc

Don't forget the date! TK1 Nite 21 Feb (Sat). If you have missed the registration, please seek us out through the contact in this blog. We will attend to you and will be more than happy to have you with us on that day.

This is Ginger. Parent of a child in sec 1G. We thank parents like her to be able to volunteer help to others in her PSG role.
As for me, I have a child in Sec 3 by start of next year and a second child in sec 1 when school re-opens. So, you should be seeing me around for some time. I am incidentally a old boy from TK, graduated in 1978. TK runs in my family.
Hope to see the new faces in the coming year. Your particpation is valuable to the school and an inspiration to other parents.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Games Carnival 2008

It is Games Carnival day. Students were back from examinations and were ready to let their hair down to enjoy the event.
Students participating in the games represented their houses. The houses with the most points would be the champion for the Games Carnival.

Intense competitions took place at various venues in the school.
Boys and girls from all levels took part in indoor games such badminton and table tennis.
There was also a computer quiz held in the computer lab where students pitted their IT and gaming skills against each other.
Outdoor games such as netball, basketball and soccer were also played.

Students having fun and games right after the exams.

Parents showed their support by bringing curry chicken and hot dog for charity sales to add to the atmosphere.

Parents and students worked together to set up and run the stalls.
Students, teachers and staff patronised the stalls to grab a bite after their games or while watching them.
By noon, food and drinks were already sold out!

The parent volunteers who has helped immensely were Norhayati, Michelle, Tan Siew Hoon, Sylvia and Evelyn.
Will like to take this opportunity to thank them for their generousity in giving their time and effort to make the Games Carnival a success.

Posted by: Ng Hei Tong

Friday, October 3, 2008

School awards from MOE.

Dear PSG Members,

I am pleased to inform that in this year's MOE Work Plan Seminar which was held yesterday, TK was awarded the following:
1. Band 2 for GCE 'O' Level Performance
2. Sustained Achievement Award (SAA) for Physical Fitness
3. SAA for Aesthetics
4. SAA for Uniformed Groups
5. SAA for Academic Value-addness

TK has also been awarded the Outstanding Development Award for Character Development. In addition, at a separate Awards Ceremony to be held in Nov this year, TK will also be receiving the Achievement Award for Sports and Development Award for National Education. Much credit goes to all TK staff for their efforts in going the extra mile for the students and school. I would also like to thank all PSG members for all your support and assistance in enhancing the quality of the education offering that TK provides. The awards are an affirmation of the solid work put in by the staff, students and stakeholders. However, we at TK believe that the awards are means to an end, not ends in themselves. Our goal and passion are not in the awards per se but the positive changes and benefits that working for the awards will bring. Thank you once again for your help and support as we walk this journey together to provide a most memorable education experience for our children.

Best regards, Yan Kheng

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GCE study support by parents


As you may be aware, the school will open its facilities to Sec 4 students for self-study for the upcoming GCE 'O' Level Examinations from 22 Sep to 16 Oct. Interested students may stay until 9.30 pm on Mondays to Thursdays.

To encourage the students in their endeavour to achieve good 'O' Level results and to show our support for them, the Parent Support Group has initiated a project to supply fruit and hot drinks to the children every evening. We are also trying to provide a light snack on a regular basis.

We tried this out for the first time last year. The children were very appreciative and the feedback was encouraging. With your help, we hope to be as successful this year.

We would like to invite you to participate in this project. You could

1. help prepare or deliver some snack/supper (between 6 and 6.30 pm) and / or

2. make a cash contribution to defray the cost of food supplies

If you are keen to support this project, please contact PSG Committee member, Mdm Rashvender Kaur at Tel: 97821847 / 63829174 or e-mail her at .

This would be truly appreciated! We look forward to your involvement to give our Sec 4s the best possible show of support!

Thank you in advance.

Warm Regards

Safri SujadiChairman, TK PSG