Friday, April 8, 2011

TK1Nite Photoblog

Welcome to TK one nite. Organised by Parents for Parents.
Students were assigned with the role as guides to the guests. They are not as fluent as professional tour guides but their response is very much candid and from a student's standpoint.

Labouratories were part of the tour. Some experiments apparatus were set up to give parents of the new challenge secondary school would bring.

Parents leaving a note of encouragement on the aspiration poster drawn by their child mounted on the table.
Parents were briefed by Head of Departments on the key differences which Sec 1 student face in terms of subject learning. Advise were also given to parents in ways to help their child handle the new challenges through their daily interaction with the children e.g discussion of current affairs.

Parents from the same class (child's) forming their network. Form teachers were also on hand to give more insights into the cirriculum. The atmosphere was informal... over a sit down dinner.

At the end of the successful event, the PSG organising committee did a "jump" shot to celebrate the teamwork.

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