Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recognition Day: Robinson and PSG Character Award

56th Annual Prize presentation ceremony was held on 22 May 2012. Mr Steven Tham Weng Cheong,  guest-of-honour, member of the School Advisory Board Committee, Chairman & CEO, Leedon Limited started the event with a inspiring speech. Here is an excerpt...

"Competition is a way of life and a way to progress. We are challenged to bring out our best through various competitions. At this point, may I refer to the Olympics that will take place in July this year in London. The world's best athletes and sportsmen will come to London to compete with one another to bring glory and honour to themselves and to the countiries they come from. This is to show that "man is endowed with infinite possibilities". At the end of the Olympics, we can see the values of friendship and respect for one another firmly rooted in the competitors, so you can see the value of competition.

The Olympic motto is : Altius, Citius, Fortius. I cannot help feeling the school, directly or indirectly follows this motto: moving higher, swifter and stronger to ensure progress contiues ceaselessly.

Continuous progress is also ensured because TK teachers have a deep interest in sharing their knowledge with young minds, and go the extra mile for their students. The passion they have for teaching makes them great teachers; they are able to make a difference in the lives and future for their students. I am glad that TK teachers are encouraging their students to repeatedly ask questions to promote thinking skills and reasoning. The commitment by TK teachers to be skilful teachers are important as they will be better able to shape the minds and characters of the students. The reward is the satisfaction and pride that their students have turned out well and are contributing members of their families and our society.

The objectives of education were debated in the past, they are debated toady and I'm sure they would be continued in the future.

In recent years, there has been a greater emphasis on values and character development: a holistic education that is student centric. Here is a case for moral literacy.

We want our children to possess the tracts of character we most admire. It is important that while in school, students achieve a minimal level of moral literacy. This enables them to live a life that is well and good and humane.

What are these fundamental tracts of character?

Integrity is one, compassion, courage, perseverence, loyalty and determination. These are virtues which we desire our children to possess. Start nourishing your mind with good habits in the early years of your life. When they are performed often, they become part of your life."

"To the many prize-winners, I have this to say: You've won the respect and admiration of your schoolmates, teachers and your families. They are very proud of you: do not be complacent, keep on moving up the ladder to success ceaselessly: it will be a fulfilling experience!"

Watch your thoughs; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; they become your destiny.
by Frank Outlaw

Thank you."

The Samuel Robinson Character Award  for displaying examplary behaviour and demonstrated the school values to the highest degree over the 4 years as TK student is:
Poon Wing Bill, Billy

PSG Character Award winners are:
Loh Teng Jie, 4B: Ability to Succeed
Lee Ci En, 4D: Ability to Succeed
Muhammad Nur Haffidz B Abdul R, 4F: Ability to Succeed
Navnidh Bhalla, 4A: Integrity
Wong Sze Ting Rachel, 4B: Ingenuity
Benedict Su, 4E: Ingenuity
Wong Chen Neng, 3D: Integrity
Naufal B. Azman, 2F: Loyalty
Muhammad Amer Hakeem B M N, 2F: Loyalty
Melvin Ong Yew Sheng, 3C: Charity
Gan Nicole, 4F: Charity

Congratulation to the prize winners.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TKSS Sports Day

 Once again, we are celebrating TK Sports Day 2012!  It was held at Serangoon Stadium on Friday, 13 April 2012. We were blessed with fantastic sunny weather even though it was predicted that it would rain heavily in the afternoon.  Thank goodness, everything went smoothly just as planned. The event started at 2.30pm and ended at 5.30pm.

Excitement filled the air – students, teachers, participants and spectators were watching, supporting and cheering for the respective house.  Each house gave their best cheers throughout the afternoon – to encourage their mates on and in the hope of getting the best house cheer for the year! Indeed, it was heart warming to see the spirit of TK students.  As the afternoon went on, more excitement , suspense and anxiety filled the air. Who would get the best house? Who would get the best cheer?

The afternoon programme included the 100 meters race, the 400 meters race, the 800 meters race and relays.  As the gun fired to start the race, the cheers of the students raised the roof! They watched in anticipation to see who would be the first to cross the finishing line! We, the parents that were present, were caught in the excitement as well.
All the participants deserved a round of applause for the hard work and congratulations to all winners!

One of the po
One of the popular events was the race among the teachers, parent support group, non-teaching staff and the alumni.  I was busy going around encouraging the parents to take part in this fun and exciting race and finally managed to get 5 brave parents to participate. The parents that participated had a good time and would come back again next year! The parents proved their fitness by clinching silver and bronze medals!  Great job parents! PSG is proud to be part of this success. I am sure the children are proud of their parents too!

The final event was the Inter House Cheering Competition. The four houses, Rutherford, Einstein, Da Vinci and Tagore each had a turn in showing off their cheers. They gave all they got – I believed some went home with sore throats.  I was one of the judges and mind you it was not an easy task.  It was a neck-to-neck battle and eventually the award was given to DA VINCI! Congratulations DA VINCI for winning the best cheers! Congratulations to TAGORE for winning the best house!
The event ended with the Prize-giving ceremony. The guest of honour, our very own PSG member, Mr Cliff Hew gave away the prizes to all the winners. 

 It was a fun-filled joyous afternoon mingling with parents, cheering, laughing and snacking (yep, light refreshment was provided). It was a fruitful afternoon getting to know new parents and fostering new friendship.
I personally would like to thank all the parents for their precious time in coming down to support the event and to those brave parents for participating in the race. Well done!  PSG hopes to see more of you in the next TK Sports Day! 
Written by : Norlia Embong
PSG Co-ordinator for Sports Day 2012