Monday, August 13, 2018

2018 TKSS National Day Celebrations

~ Article contributed by Jeslin Wee

08.08.2018 - Tanjong Katong Secondary School Leaders, School Advisory Committee, Seniors from St Hilda's Senior Services Centre, Parent Support Group (PSG), Staff, Teachers and Students were all dressed in National Day colors - all ready to celebrate Singapore’s 53rd birthday.

While waiting for the celebrations to begin, familiar National Day songs were played in the background. Many students were heard singing to their favorite tunes while making the final preparations.

PSG was very blessed and honored to be one of the invited guests to join the school for this joyous occasion.

The celebration kick started with the march-pass and performances by the various uniform groups. It is indeed a showcase of the fruit of their labor after many months of hard work and practices.

Student representatives from secondary 3 were invited to lead in the recital of The Pledge. This was a meaningful moment as the secondary 3 students have just received their NRIC - an important card depicting their citizenship and rights.

The dance, songs and the skit (scripted and planned by students) brought us back to the past. Audiences were reminded of the struggles, sacrifices, perseverance and conviction by our forefathers. The message was clear - It is important for us to treasure what we have. It is even more important for us to continue to strive for democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

During the mass singing segment, many students swarmed over to the assembly plaza to join the performers. They formed lines as they sang and ran around the area. It was very heart-warming to see the crowd cheering and singing along with them :)

The celebration ended on an even higher note with performances by the renowned award-winning, TK Band, playing a series of our favorite National Day songs!

Once again, Happy 53rd Birthday Singapore!!