Monday, September 8, 2014

TK Annual Road Run 2014 !

~ Article contributed by Candy

On my ride to the Stadium MRT station, I saw a number of TK students.  They were excited and chatting with their friends happily... And I told myself "today's gonna be a memorable day for me."  

While strolling to the meeting point at Tanjong Rhu Place after exiting Stadium MRT, I saw another group of TK students in front of me.  Their hands occupied with carrier bags full of food and again chatting and giggling happily with their friends as they walked. Oh, did I forget to mention that a student was actually pushing a stroller loaded with nothing but food?

From a distance, you could feel the vibrant atmosphere at the meeting point. I could not hide my excitement when I saw many familiar faces upon reaching the meeting point.  A number of TK parents were in their sports attire, just like me, and were ready to join the school leaders, teachers, staff, students and alumni in the TK Annual Road Run 2014!

After the assembly, the students were told to do some warm up exercises.  1-2-3-4 , 1-2-3-4.... 15 minutes later, the run began. First to go were the competitive runners, followed by the S.P.A. (staff, parents and alumni) with the rest of the students. 

Serious runners dashed from the starting line upon flag off, leaving behind the students who were obviously there just to enjoy the company of their friends.  Some parents were also seen strolling and taking photos while enjoying the magnificent scenery. Whether they were runners or strollers, you could see them giving off words of encouragement to other runners passing by them.  The Red Cross Youth members, some staff and some students could be seen at various points ready to help those participants in need. The finishing line was crowded with S.P.A and students cheering for those approaching the finishing line.   Satisfaction and sense of accomplishment were on the faces on those who completed the run. 

After the race, it was party time with food, music and live performances by students. As Teacher's Day was just a day away, students were also seen expressing their gratitude to their teachers with flowers, gifts and cards.   The whole atmosphere was lively and everyone was having such great fun.  Time usually flies when you were enjoying yourselves and thus, the event ended at around 11 am with the prize presentation ceremony for the top runners.  

To all S.P.A and students, I am sure you have all enjoyed the event as much as I have.  See you again at TK Annual Run 2015, S.P.A and students!