Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 TK 1 Nite - A Student's Message Dedicated to TK PSG

Muhammad Rais Raiyan (Sec 4D), President of the TK Student Council 2013 gave a heartwarming speech regarding his view on TK PSG at 2014 TK 1 Nite:

Before we begin, let me share with you some of my experiences that I had with the lovely parents of TK PSG.  

Racial Harmony Day, 2012. I was a participant for the TK Amazing Race and was joined by a fellow parent from the TK PSG, Mdm Hidayati.  At first, we were reluctant to start a conversation with her. But after a while, we slowly broke the ice and discovered more about PSG’s involvement in TK. We learnt that on that same day too, other fellow parents from TK PSG had set up beautiful booths, to share with students’ knowledge and skills, from the different ethnic cultures and traditions.

Through the conversations we had, at the end of the day I concluded that, “TK PSG is made up of warm hearted and dedicated parents." And then a year later, I had a similar experience.

For students taking Higher Mother Tongue language, we sit for our “O” level Mother Tongue papers at Sec 3. After the first paper, as I made my way to the canteen, a TK PSG parent approached me and offered me 2 buns of bread and a cup of soya bean milk. I was grateful. Amidst the stress of the examination, it was comforting to know that we are cared for. The kind gesture really made my day and helped my friends and I feel even more pumped up for the next paper.

Later on, I learnt from my Sec 4 seniors then, that every year, TK PSG has also been supporting the Sec 4 Evening Study programme, by providing dinner for Sec 4 students studying in school. All this was possible from the fund-raising projects PSG carry out.
After that day, I made an amendment to my previous statement. “TK PSG is made up of warm hearted and dedicated parents who help make TK feel like home.  On behalf of all TKsians, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You Parents for making TK feel like home."

2014 TK1 Nite - The Classroom Bonding Segment

~ Article contributed by Shalu Matani

The main objective of the classroom segment was to encourage bonding and a participative culture of communication between the parents of Secondary One.  The TKSS Parent Support Group took this initiative during the TK1 Nite to link and create connections and relationships between the Secondary One parents of each class.  This platform was created with the inclusion of the classroom segment which gave the Sec1 parents several opportunities to share and contribute their thoughts and opinions. It was efficiently facilitated by the PSG parent volunteer teams.  In fact the notion of proactively engaging all the Secondary One parents during the classroom segment, when they assembled together had crossed the minds of several PSG Leaders.

This inspiration turned to reality during the TK1 Nite held on 22nd February 2014 with 14 PSG leaders mobilised in pairs over seven Sec1 classes. It was the first time in the history of TKSS that a fully structured classroom segment of 45 minutes had been planned. There was excitement in the air, palpitation in the heart and a general feeling of enthusiasm as each pair of PSG leaders welcomed the Secondary One parents into their respective divisions. 

In order to get the conversations flowing, the evening kick-started with “Innovative Introductions” wherein parents were asked to creatively introduce themselves by attaching an adjective that best described their personality preferable with the same alphabet as their name. The option of using adjectives with alternative alphabets was also given.  The general consensus from the PSG leaders was that although a few parents were slightly shy at the start they soon warmed up and there were plenty of creative names brought to light such as Joyful Joshua, Sweet Serene, Handy Hadira and even Handsome Ophir.

The next ice breaker was “Greet and Meet” especially aimed towards parents mingling and socializing with each other in a casual and relaxed environment. In order to successfully facilitate this segment, PSG had prepared and distributed a questionnaire to all parents which required them to exchange familiar information related to their child’s classmate such as CCA choices, living vicinity and name of primary school.   This seemed to be the most enjoyable session with parents talking, laughing and making memorable connections. Some even exchanged mobile numbers and suggestions were to set up whatsapp groups for future communication and connectivity.

Finally in the “Post Compliments” segment parents were requested to take post it paper from the PSG leaders and write compliments, greetings and words of encouragement for their child and leave it under their respective tabletops. Most parents seemed very pleased with this initiative. Some PSG leaders also had the opportunity to share their personal experiences with the parents in order to give them reassurance.
Sharing from the teacher

Class 1F had all students enrolled from the DSA option. Here PSG organised a talk given by a couple where the father was an ex-TKKSian and two of their children had enrolled with the school on the basis of DSA. Both parents gave their perspective and tips for parents to assist their child in delicately balancing time for academic work and sports training. This was an extremely successful interaction with several parents having their queries answered. 

On behalf of PSG we would like to thank all the Secondary One parents for their active, energetic and vivacious participation. We hope that the classroom segment has provided real opportunities for everyone to meet and connect “parent” to “parent” resulting in valuable friendships.   

With this the PSG wishes everyone – “All the best till we meet again for TK1 Nite 2015 !!”