Saturday, August 9, 2014

2014 TKSS Racial Harmony Day

~ Article contributed by Roza

TK celebrated its annual Racial Harmony Day on 23rd July 2014.  This marked my 6th year celebrating this event with the awesome TK family! It has always been the greatest pleasure working with PSG members from the different ethnic groups.

Through the years, food has always been the highlight for every Racial Harmony Day Celebrations so this year, TK's Racial Harmony Day’s theme was simply - “Food"!

Unlike previous years where we actually turned the COE room into a mini ethnic museum, this time round the three teams consisting of the Chinese, Indian & Malay were split up in different rooms, working hand in hand with teachers to show-case & impart first-hand knowledge on food.... well, we basically gave a cooking class to the students!

Our PSG Racial Harmony Team had so much fun interacting with the students.  From moulding the Chinese "Mooncake", shaping the "Modak" (a traditional Indian coconut sweet) to folding the "Lepat Pisang" (Malay steamed banana kueh) and frying the "Lempeng" (Malay banana pancake).  The participation and accomplished looks on the students' faces were just priceless!!

Apart from sampling the food, students were given a chance to take home the treats they made. Overall, it has been yet another successful and fulfilling event by TK PSG.  Kudos to the awesome Racial Harmony Team, and here's to many more enjoyable events to come!!

Till we see you again, here's a link to a video for you Voice of Harmony - The Orange Ribbon Song .... ENJOY !