Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CCA recruitment Drive 2011, Jan

On this day, usually the first Saturday of School term, all CCA were out in force to show their acitvities, programs and achievement... for recuits. CCAs took turn to take center stage to perform. Parents were with children to browse through the CCA stands to guide them through the selection of CCA.

PSG is familiar with the anxiety of the students and were on hand to interact with the parents to share experience of some of the CCA. PSG also took the opportunity to interact with the parents and encourage them to register for parenting program or TK One Night.

Behind the scene: There was a work committee to organise the PSG portion of the CCA Recruitment day. This type of volunteer work brought out the public spirit of these parents. Through this project, bonds were build, friends were made... and work gets done in a happy manner i.e. helping parents of new students to settle in quickly into the new phase of their lives with a strong start.

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