Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TK PSG In Action - 4Q15

Besides "O" Level Refreshment Day, TK PSG further showered their support, love and care to all Sec 4 students by providing food and drinks to these students when they were sitting for their "O" Level papers.  

Congrats to all Sec 4 TKsians who have completed their "O" Level. Well done and we are proud of you!  TK PSG wishes all of you the best for your future studies that you have thought to pursue! 

On other hand, TK PSG is ready to receive the new Sec 1 TKsians and their parents.   Our first major event in 2016 is "TK1 Nite" on 23 January 2016.   

"TK1 Nite" is an annual event organized by TK PSG with the support of TK School Leaders for all Sec 1 parents.  It is an excellent platform for you to meet with your child's form teacher, interact with other Sec 1 parents, tour the school, and many more.  We strongly encourage all Sec 1 parents to sign up for this Event on Sec 1 Registration Day (i.e. 23 December 2015).  It's an opportunity too good to be miss!

We look forward to receiving you on 23 January 2016 and....