Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 "O" Level Study Night Dinner by TKSS PSG

~ Article contributed by Kalpana V

Bento Set for the Students
Sec 4 Night Study period is scheduled every year by the school to give the "O" level students a chance to stay back in the school library till 9 pm and study undisturbed and in comfort of their campus.  The school leaders along with a few teachers took turn to be in school with the students to provide them both support and help.   

Parents In action!

The provision of dinner during the Study Night was an initiative by TKSS PSG, which has been on-going for a couple of years.  This year, the Study Night Project was scheduled for a period of 5 weeks and finished on 28 September.  It was a very rewarding experience for us - the parents.

The Sec 4 parents were simply amazing!  They showed their support in every possible way - from making cash donations to contributions of cartons drinks, biscuits, and healthy Yakult.  This gesture allowed PSG to not only cater for  bento-set dinners for 10 days but also provided refreshments including drinks and snacks for the students for the remaining 10 days.  

The appreciation received from students gave us all the boost and to see the strong TK parents spirit makes all the efforts so worthwhile. A very strong community of TK parents volunteered their time and made great effort to ensure in the Study Night Project is a smooth one - from logistics to distribution of the bento-set dinners.   A very big thanks and sincere appreciation to all parents for their contribution of time, effort  and donations which contributed to the success of the Night Study Project.

In addition, our deep appreciation to the school leaders and staff in particular, Madam Haslinda and Madam Jasma, who gave us their full support and actually are the biggest contributors to our efforts becoming fruitful. 

As always 🎉🎊 Thanks and cheers to the strong TK Parent Support Group 🎊 🎉

To our Sec 4 students, all the best to your "O" level!   TK PSG is always behind you!  ALL THE BEST!!!   

Remember what Mdm Haslinda always says, 
"When the going gets tough, TK gets tougher!"

Friday, July 22, 2016

TK 60th Bazaar & Racial Harmony Day (21 July 2016)

~ Article contributed by Candy Lee

As the title suggested, TK turns 60 this year and this is the first year that TK combined TK Bazaar with Racial Harmony Day. 

From forming the working team, planning the logistics to the actual day of event, TK PSG once again showed the power of "We".  

It was a beehive of activity in school early in the morning of 21st July. Teachers, students and of course the PSG Team were all busy setting up their stalls, ready to do their parts for the charity.  Oh... in case you aren't aware, all proceeds from the TK Bazaars go toward the charity organizations. 
Look at the queue!!!

With an aim in mind, TK PSG was all out to do its best!  Our food items were fried rice with chicken wings, vegetarian fried bee hoon with curry and popsicles.  We also had a team of parents who did hand henna and students were all queuing, waiting patiently for their turns!  What's more, our popsicles were sold out within 2 hours!  

For Racial Harmony Day segment, the team did something different this year too.  We came out with Q&As for different ethnic groups (ie, Chinese, Malay and Indian).  Questions and answers relating to traditional food, traditional games, etc of different ethnic group were drawn up to help the students to have better understanding of these groups. Handmade bookmarks and little snacks were also given to students as tokens of their participation in this fun and enriching exercise.

The event was a success and we were happy that we could make our little contribution towards the school's donations to the charitiable organizations.  

This is indeed a memorable and enjoyable event for the TK PSG team. 

        On behalf of TK PSG

       Happy 60th Birthday, TK

              You ROCKS!!!!!




                     YOU !!!

The Power of "WE"

Sunday, June 5, 2016

TKSS Sports Carnival

~ Article contributed by Vandita Khandelwal 

It was a sunny afternoon on Friday, 20th May 2016, as all students and teachers of TK gathered for the annual TK sports carnival. The TK sports carnival was a school event that the whole school had eagerly sought to enjoy as everyone waited in excitement for it to commence, amid the enthusiastic and vibrant atmosphere of the school. There was stiff competition among the four competing houses; Rutherford, Da Vinci, Tagore and Einstein in order to win the overall champion house trophy for the sports carnival. As always, the dedicated parents in the parent support group were present to support the school and did so without fail.

Finally, the sports carnival began as streams of students rushed down from the hall to try out the wide array of games that had been carefully planned out by the school. We set-up the parent support group stall serving tea and coffee to the parents who came down to support the school as a whole. Parents were also invited to try out the games and activities and earned double points for each station in an effort to contribute to the success of their child/ward’s respective houses. Eager to help their child’s house win, parents stepped up to participate in the various games. Teachers in charge of different houses too played the various games in order to score points for their houses! Not forgetting the prize for having played 5 games or more, being ice-cream provided by the school which significantly contributed to the already vibrant atmosphere that was filled with excitement.

This year’s games carnival, however, was different from the earlier ones. To commemorate TK’s 60th birthday, each game had a time limit of 60 seconds and there was a special event after the students and teachers had finished all the games and their ice creams, which was the TK60 Pushball Challenge! Students and teachers, working hand in hand, had to carry a ball 6 times around the parade square in the shortest possible amount of time. It was great fun to watch the students and teachers work together as one to carry the ball as they adopted different strategies in their different houses. At the end of the day, everyone was treated to a second ice-cream and impatiently waited for the results. Da Vinci had won   followed by Rutherford, Tagore and Einstein.

After a day of fun and excitement the TK sports carnival came to a close. A successful carnival had come to a close from all the hard work put in by the teachers and students and the support from the TK Parent Support Group who had taken the time to come and support the school in the games carnival and fully involved themselves in the carnival as members of the TK family.

See you next year !

Friday, April 22, 2016

1st TKSS Sec 4 Fund Raising Event

~ Article contributed by Divisha Jaikishin Idnani

 On Friday, 15 April 16, TK PSG had the 1st TKSS Sec 4 Fund Raising sales along with International Friendship Day Celebration at the school canteen. 

As always, the funds collected will be used to buy dinner for the Sec 4 students who will be staying back in the school library before the prelims & O level exams, as well as to serve light refreshments on some days during O-Level exams.  

Our beautiful bakers
We sold hot dog buns topped with fillings of cheese and tomato sauce, chilli sauce or mustard.  In addition, we also sold fishballs on satay sticks and freshly baked chocolate cupcakes.  The response from the students was overwhelming during both lower sec and upper sec recesses.  Some students even queued up again for a second helping!!!

What really touches me this year was the support of the Sec 1 PSG members.  Many of whom came specially to render their help and support of this great event.  It was a fruitful morning seeing all the parents mingling around exchanging their contact numbers and bonding so well with each other. 

We all had a fun loving experience at this event and I want to personally thank all our TKSS PSG members for making this such a successful event.

This 1st TK Sec 4 fund raising 2016 was a great success and we look forward to having more such events in the future!  

Thank you for your support !

Monday, February 29, 2016

Dad’s-for-Life @ TKSS – Bonding at Bedok Reservoir Park

~ Article contributed by Tan Chin Eng

20 February 2016 was a wet Saturday morning and many students and their fathers woke up wondering if it is indeed still on. “It” was an outing Dad promised that Saturday, to spend time with the child in the trees at Bedok Reservoir Park. “It” was Dads-for-Life@TKSS quarterly event.

The rain cleared up quickly and the struggle to find a car park space was soon forgotten when father and child found themselves being challenged from 5m above ground, swinging, grappling, jumping, crawling, sliding and zipping just over the reservoir. That is Forest Adventure!

28 students and their fathers were absorbed in challenging heights, themselves and each other and later found themselves encouraging themselves and each other, and also other participants. Some overcame their fear of heights, some saw a different side of their dads. Rarely were fathers found vulnerable in front of their children, and enjoying it.

A dad said, “My wife made me register last minute and I’m so glad I did. It was nothing I expected. It was so tough and so much fun.”

One of the students expressed that he had so much fun with his dad that he would do this again, “It was so difficult but to hear encouragement from my Dad in the trees was worth it. I must do this again.” 

Most completed all 4 sites over 2 hours and after concluding each site by zipping across the reservoir on a wire, they returned to “earth” for some rest and Nasi Lemak. After collecting their certificates of adventure together, we hope they continue to have many more good bonding opportunities.

Great Bonding Session !

AND... our special thanks to Chin Eng & Peng Gun for being leading the Dads-for-Life Events all these  years!  

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chinese New Year Celebration at TKSS

~ Article contributed by Kalpana V

TKSS celebrated the Chinese New Year on 5th of February 2016. 

Mdm Haslinda, the Principal, and her Staff had extended the warm invitation to the PSG Team to join in this celebration.  It was indeed a joy and privilege to be part of the festivity. Like every year, the School had also invited the elderly from St Hilda to join in the celebration.  

The celebration started with the Lo-Hei. Tables were arranged in the shape of the Chinese character representing the Year of the Monkey in the Parade Square. It was a mass Lo-Hei involving the entire School Management and Staff, Board Members of the Governing Council, the elderly from St Hilda, all the students and us, PSG Team.  

This was followed by an elaborate and wonderfully organized concert in the school hall. The performances by the students were excellent and very well coordinated, and the presentation by the school band was outstanding (as always). The elderly of St Hilda also sang for the students.  What a lovely performance!
The children were extremely excited and delighted to see the friendly “Chai Sen Ye” who distributed sweets and walked up to greet Mdm Haslinda and the elderly of St Hilda. The Event concluded with the wonderful performance of the traditional Lion Dance.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Everyone !

TK1 Nite 2016 - An Event By the Parents for the Parents

~ Article contributed by Kalpana V

TK1 Nite is an annual event held at the beginning of every academic year when new Sec 1 cohort joined TKSS.  It is an event organized by TK PSG with the support of the School Leaders. 

Through this Event, the parents get an opportunity to tour the School, meet with the Principal, the Vice Principals, Form Teachers, Co-Form Teachers and other fellow parents.

This year, TK1 Nite was held on 23 January 2016.  We received an exceptionally good response with 180 parents registering for the Event (a big round of applause for the new parents)!

After registration, the parents were given guided tour of the school campus by the Student Councilors.  Thereafter, Mdm Haslinda, the Principal, together with the HOD CCE and Sec 1 Year Head warmly welcomed the new parents in the Auditorium.  Next, the parents proceeded to their children’s classrooms, a segment led by the PSG Coordinators.  Through the ice breaker session, the parents started to mingle with each other and this greatly helped to initiate interaction amongst the parents. The parents also took this opportunity to exchange contact details with one another.  We are certain that many of these interactions will blossom into cherished friendships.  The highlight of the Classroom Segment was when the parents wrote encouragement notes and place them on their children’s table-top.  One can easily see the emotional feelings of these parents and we have received feedback from the students that they were so pleasantly surprised to see these encouragement notes when they came to school the following Monday. A lovely and touching moment, indeed!  The Classroom Segment ended with the Form Teachers and Co-Form Teachers giving updates to the parents on their respective classes.

The final segment of the Event was the Hall Segment.  The PGS Working Team decorated the school hall beautifully with dinner buffet spread set up on both sides and round tables in the center of the school hall.  The PSG Working Team also made great effort to ensure that parents of the same class get to sit together with two or three teachers teaching the lower secondary at each table.  This gave yet another opportunity for the parents to bond with each other.  

The Hall Segment began with the IP Heads giving the parents detailed presentations of the Academic Programme and curriculum strategies adopted by the School, followed by a speech from the Student Council President.  Thereafter, the parents enjoyed the sumptuous dinner buffet while continuing networking with the other parents and teachers.

Overall, it was a wonderful Event and for which a huge thanks is due to each and every one who contributed to its success. Cheers to Team TK!