Thursday, February 18, 2016

TK1 Nite 2016 - An Event By the Parents for the Parents

~ Article contributed by Kalpana V

TK1 Nite is an annual event held at the beginning of every academic year when new Sec 1 cohort joined TKSS.  It is an event organized by TK PSG with the support of the School Leaders. 

Through this Event, the parents get an opportunity to tour the School, meet with the Principal, the Vice Principals, Form Teachers, Co-Form Teachers and other fellow parents.

This year, TK1 Nite was held on 23 January 2016.  We received an exceptionally good response with 180 parents registering for the Event (a big round of applause for the new parents)!

After registration, the parents were given guided tour of the school campus by the Student Councilors.  Thereafter, Mdm Haslinda, the Principal, together with the HOD CCE and Sec 1 Year Head warmly welcomed the new parents in the Auditorium.  Next, the parents proceeded to their children’s classrooms, a segment led by the PSG Coordinators.  Through the ice breaker session, the parents started to mingle with each other and this greatly helped to initiate interaction amongst the parents. The parents also took this opportunity to exchange contact details with one another.  We are certain that many of these interactions will blossom into cherished friendships.  The highlight of the Classroom Segment was when the parents wrote encouragement notes and place them on their children’s table-top.  One can easily see the emotional feelings of these parents and we have received feedback from the students that they were so pleasantly surprised to see these encouragement notes when they came to school the following Monday. A lovely and touching moment, indeed!  The Classroom Segment ended with the Form Teachers and Co-Form Teachers giving updates to the parents on their respective classes.

The final segment of the Event was the Hall Segment.  The PGS Working Team decorated the school hall beautifully with dinner buffet spread set up on both sides and round tables in the center of the school hall.  The PSG Working Team also made great effort to ensure that parents of the same class get to sit together with two or three teachers teaching the lower secondary at each table.  This gave yet another opportunity for the parents to bond with each other.  

The Hall Segment began with the IP Heads giving the parents detailed presentations of the Academic Programme and curriculum strategies adopted by the School, followed by a speech from the Student Council President.  Thereafter, the parents enjoyed the sumptuous dinner buffet while continuing networking with the other parents and teachers.

Overall, it was a wonderful Event and for which a huge thanks is due to each and every one who contributed to its success. Cheers to Team TK!

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