Monday, February 29, 2016

Dad’s-for-Life @ TKSS – Bonding at Bedok Reservoir Park

~ Article contributed by Tan Chin Eng

20 February 2016 was a wet Saturday morning and many students and their fathers woke up wondering if it is indeed still on. “It” was an outing Dad promised that Saturday, to spend time with the child in the trees at Bedok Reservoir Park. “It” was Dads-for-Life@TKSS quarterly event.

The rain cleared up quickly and the struggle to find a car park space was soon forgotten when father and child found themselves being challenged from 5m above ground, swinging, grappling, jumping, crawling, sliding and zipping just over the reservoir. That is Forest Adventure!

28 students and their fathers were absorbed in challenging heights, themselves and each other and later found themselves encouraging themselves and each other, and also other participants. Some overcame their fear of heights, some saw a different side of their dads. Rarely were fathers found vulnerable in front of their children, and enjoying it.

A dad said, “My wife made me register last minute and I’m so glad I did. It was nothing I expected. It was so tough and so much fun.”

One of the students expressed that he had so much fun with his dad that he would do this again, “It was so difficult but to hear encouragement from my Dad in the trees was worth it. I must do this again.” 

Most completed all 4 sites over 2 hours and after concluding each site by zipping across the reservoir on a wire, they returned to “earth” for some rest and Nasi Lemak. After collecting their certificates of adventure together, we hope they continue to have many more good bonding opportunities.

Great Bonding Session !

AND... our special thanks to Chin Eng & Peng Gun for being leading the Dads-for-Life Events all these  years!  

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