Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reaching out to New Parent

The new cohort of students came to register for 2011 secondary one in TKSS. Parent support group were organized and on hand to simultaneously welcome the new parents who were accompanying their child. The preparation work were put into effect with well thought through brochures and stationaries to help in enagaging the parents. Partnership between the school and parents is forged through engagement, participation and involvement. TK1 Nite is one of the major events for sec 1 parents. Principal and Heads of Departments leverage TK 1 nite to give finer points on collaboration for the benefit of the student.
PSG committee is also organizing a parenting seminar for the benefit of all PSG members to learn more about managing parent-teen conflict. Dr John Ng has been arranged to speak on this topic. He is well sought after for his renowned "Dim Sum For the Family" seminar. 20 copies of his book relating to the seminar will be given to 20 lucky participants. Seminar is to be held on 25 Feb, 2:00 to 4:30pm, TKSS library. This event is supported by school and School Family Education (SFE).

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