Sunday, January 29, 2012

CCA day

It was CCA day. Parents brought their children along to help understand the purpose, benefits and participation requirement/ options. Holistic education and leadership development are opportunities not to be missed. After briefing by the Principal and head of CCA, parents accompanied their child to stream through the labyrinth of displays put together by the students of various CCA groups.
At regular intervals, CCA groups performed on the parade square. Precision drills, hip-hop, marches, live band music and first aid demo were eye catching and interesting.

Seniors manning the display booth of various CCAs were on hand to brief the parents and secondary one students and guided them through interactive activities. The confidence of the seniors do give parents a sense of excitement to think their child would, in due time, be molded likewise if the child engages and grow with the CCA.
PSG volunteers were on hand to help ease the visiting parents with their personal experience of managing their child through 4 years of CCA and the joy of discovering the leadership growth and maturity CCA brought.
PSG volunteers were also using the occasion to connect with the new PSG members once more (all parents of TKSS students are automatically PSG members). Response from visiting parents was good to the activities planned by signing up for events at the PSG counter. The events opened for registration were TK1 Nite and parenting seminar “Dim Sum for the Family”. The cheerfulness among the PSG volunteers was a clear display of friendship developed across ethnicity through participation in PSG activities. The PSG volunteers are driven by a common goal … to partner with the school in engaging parents for the benefit of the students. The next four years will be a new and exciting journey for the sec one students and their parents.

Welcome to TKSS.

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