Saturday, August 22, 2009

Racial Harmony Day: Fabrix

Fabrix Fashion on the Runway (Article contributed by Mdm. Norsiah Rejab)

This year the RHD was celebrated on a much lighter note due to the H1N1. As always, the PSG was again invited to put up Know-Do-Be sessions. After many discussions, we decided to work on two separate stations; Fabrix Fashion On
The Runway and Fuzion Fest. I feel privileged to coordinate the efforts of the Fabrix Fashion team.

Preparation was made weeks before the actual day and all of us at Fabrix put our heads and hearts together during the planning stage. Though it was a daunting task for some of us who had to juggle work and RHD preparations, it all paid off on the 22/7/09 when all our hard work was applauded by one and all at TK.

Our theme on “Connecting to culture: Embrace the Fabric” was well received by the TK Community especially our students. They understood that what we wear defines who we are and what we value as an individual. Indeed, garments are our second skin (the students were thrilled to know that!). Even sociologists agree that many aspects of our culture are expressed through the clothes we put on everyday.

The world of fashion is assimilated. Fashion goes around the world. Fashion also connects people of different races and this facilitates community bonding. With that in mind, we emptied our wardrobes for the most glamorous outfits to showcase our traditional costumes. We wanted our students to feel connected to our multi-racial heritage. We wanted our ‘thrilled’ audience to realise that fashion does connect the ‘them’ and ‘us’ for community bonding.

We showcased authentic costumes of different heritage. We also played with the idea of a fashion fusion.” Why Fusion?” you may ask. Even with time constraints, we saw the need to be creative and innovative. We wanted to show that even when we use non-traditional fabrics, the essence of traditional costume remains. As a result, we had a phenomenal showcase of static display and catwalk. One example is the cheongsam called the New China Chic which is a cross between Eastern and Western cultures. Thus, it can be worn by the Chinese and other races too.

The pupils also participated in a short quiz on the “Windows of Opportunities” where they had to open little windows and talk about the word written inside. Words like ’food’, ‘sports’, ‘games’ and ‘leisure’ were written to test the pupils’ knowledge. Tokens were given for their participation. At the end of our presentation, we gave them potpourri made from different types of traditional fabrics.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all parents for their concerted effort enthusiasm and teamwork to make this year’s RHD another myriad of success.

Well done, PSG.

(Posted by Norsiah.)

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