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Racial Harmony Day: Fuzion Fest '09

Article contributed by Alena Yap. Alena has a daughter in Sec 3.

For Racial Harmony Day this year, our parent support group put together a fusion activity called “Fuzion Fest”. Fuzion Fest comprises four exhibition booths displaying information and artefacts of four main cultural groups of Singapore, namely, the Chinese, the Malays, the Indians and the Eurasians. Students and guests viewed the exhibits and were encouraged to ask questions.

Students viewing the artefacts at the Chinese booth

Playing a traditional game at the Malay booth

Explaining Indian traditions at the Indian booth

Students browsing at the Eurasian booth

There was also a fusion food tasting activity. Students and guests were excited to taste the four types of curries typical of each cultural group. Curry, which is a common dish found in all four groups, show a fusion of culture in the use of common ingredients such as herbs and spices. Yet each curry is unique in its own right.

Excited students sampling different curries

Parents serving the curry portions to the students

This was followed by a quiz session which not only tested students’ knowledge of the different cultures but also helped expand on this knowledge with additional information about commonalities and differences among the four cultural groups. The top two winning groups received gift packs representative of cultural fusion as well – Chinese brown rice crackers, Indonesian batik coin purse, Indian muruku and Danish cookies.

Suzanna hosting the quiz session

There were nine of us from different races and countries (Singapore, India, Indonesia and Japan)who were involved in this event. Many of us met for the first time and became friends immediately. Because of the H1N1 crisis, we were not able to meet in school. Instead, we met in the homes of two hospitable parents to plan and discuss the event. Fusion of culture began even before the actual Fuzion Fest! At each meeting, there was fun and laughter as we share knowledge of one another’s culture and, not least, the sumptuous food (thanks to the hosts and generous others). We assembled in the COE Room the day before the event to prepare the displays and do the final touches.
Now that the event is over, we are all relieved and feel a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. One of the parents, Rinku who is from India, reflected that the preparation of the charts became a great family bonding time for her as her family members chipped in to help.

Rinku with her husband, daughter and sister-in-law

For me, the late nights and the hours that I have spent doing my research and making the charts has been most meaningful as I learnt a lot about the Eurasian culture. Last but not least, the new friends that I have met over this period have made my time very worthwhile. In fact, our group has bonded so well that after the debrief session, we are even planning for a get-together lunch at someone’s home!
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Alena has a daughter in Sec 3

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Takako said...

Although it was not easy to spare time required for this project while juggling other commitments, we're very happy about the outcome as well as the process of preparing it which was actually an opportunity for us to learn about other cultures.