Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 Sec 4 Nite Study – 1st Fundraising

~ Article contributed by Harris Raihana

The Nite Study Fundraising was held on 29th April 2014 at the School Canteen with overwhelming response from both the Teachers and Students !

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First and foremost on behalf of our PSG, our sincere thanks to the School and the Staff for their support towards our Fundraising Efforts for our Graduating Students; and  of course our Awesome Team of  Boulangerie Chefs who came together to make this 1st Fundraising A Success!

The Team of 11 parents-turned-chef baking and preparing 300 croissant sandwiches and specially made 200 crepes filled with Nutella and Bananas and Cream which were snapped up very fast.   We had to turn away disappointed students when we ran out of crepes.  In order not to disappoint the students, we improvised and also filled the croissants with Nutella to satisfy their cravings which also proved to be popular!

While The Chefs were busy baking and selling, the students were also encouraged to pen their words of encouragements to the Graduating Students, on the Specially Ordered PSG Banner which was laid out beside our Booth!   The Banner is now on display in the school Hall!  The Baking Team bonded during our brainstorming sessions with food sampling to come up with new ideas of food items which our kids LOVE.   

Our efforts proved to be a success, and we too became more professional in our techniques and came ready for the large stream of students in a short time, eager to try our specially prepared food.  We came fully equipped with Ovens and Hot Plates to serve them warm and freshly made food!  The Funds raised will be channelled towards the Nite Study Programme sometime in August/September 2014. 

Our Team of Specialty Chefs will definitely be back for another Fundraising in Support of Our Dear Graduating Students!   Once again A Big Thank You to Our Chefs of the Day – Dhupinder, Jumaliah, Kalpana, Merry, Hidayati, Roza,  Poh Choo, Divisha, Amanda and Geetika!  The TEAM of Boulangerie Chefs made it all possible and most importantly we had a good time bonding with our TK family! 

We'll Be Back in August !!!

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