Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Sec 4 Night Study Project on Aug 12-15 & Aug 19-22

~ Article contributed by Emily Low

The Sec 4 Night Study project is an initiative by TK PSG. The PSG is truly grateful to have the full support from the Principal, Mdm Haslinda and the teachers. This year we see the smooth running of this project with the school supporting us in every way and the dedication of parent volunteers. It ended with a good note. A big ‘Thank You’ to all!

It all started with the 2 fund raising held in school. Dedicated parents came together to sell hot dogs and cup cakes to raise money for the Sec 4 night study dinner project. It was done to encourage the Sec 1 to 3 students to play a part in encouraging their seniors in their final year. Shortly after, a letter was sent to parents of the Sec 4 cohort in seeking their contributions to the night study fund.  We received encouraging and generous contributions from parents. TK PSG is again grateful that we can partner the parents to work on this meaningful project. Part of the funds came from Sec 4 students who had to purchase dinner coupons for $1 per dinner per night. This is to stop wastage of food. With the number of coupons sold, we are able to ascertain the number of bento to order per night.

The funds collected went to provide dinner for 8 nights to an average of 65 students per night. With the healthy collection, we were able to cater Bento dinner for them. A lot of work went into planning and sourcing for caterers. In the end, we managed to provide drinks, main meals (and most days, desserts were provided), mints and snacks for each night. The quality and quantity were reasonable.  Of course there are kids that are always hungry. By providing dinner for the students, we hoped that they would spend their time meaningfully in their revision. The bentos look palatable every night! We have main courses such as Teriyaki Chicken, Lemon Chicken, Fish and noodles that came with side dishes too. As the menu changes every night, the students looked forward to each meal. On the 8th night, the students were treated to cup ice cream! It was a delight to them and a joy for us to see them enjoying their well-earned treat!

Special thanks go to Mdm Florence, school Teaching Assistant, who stayed back every night to ensure the smooth running of the Night Study, and Mr Koh, our Vice-Principal, who selflessly avail himself throughout the 8 nights to oversee the evenings and not to mention, the last to leave the school. Both have been a tremendous help.

With the left over funds, we will be providing refreshments on 2 days during the ‘O’ Levels examination.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who contributed in anyway (helping out in the fund raising, contributing to the funds etc) and for making this year’s Sec 4 Night Study a success! We wish all the Sec 4 students the very best in their ‘O’ Levels and their future endeavours.

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