Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 TK1 Nite

Written by Emily Pang
Welcome to TK1 Nite 2013

TK1 Nite is an annual event specially organised for Sec 1 parents. Well, it is like an orientation day for Sec 1 parents. The event includes a school tour; meet the teachers’ session; talks by HODs, followed by buffet dinner and entertainment by TK students. TK PSG spearheads it but the school has been very supportive and we work closely together. It is a signature event for PSG!
I remember as a Sec 1 parent, I was impressed with the programme that was planned for us. I felt welcomed by the PSG Committee and had a very fruitful and informative afternoon. This is my fourth year in TK and I had been to TK1 Nite 4 times!
How so when it is only for Sec 1 parents? The only way is to help out behind the scene. I joined PSG in my son’s second year and that was when I discovered how much work had gone into making TK1 Nite a success every year! It was hard work but a rewarding one. Every year, we have something different to look
Sharing the experience
forward to.
TK1 Nite 2013 is very special to me, as I had to oversee the whole project. I am very glad to work with a very capable group of parents who are dedicated and selfless. Most of us are working full time, some even have very demanding work schedule but they will do their part (however big or small) to make it happen! Our motivation is to make sure the Sec 1 parents get the most out of the afternoon event! We in PSG Committee had a lot of fun working together; we are like a big TK family!
I am pleased to say that all the hard work is paid off – yet another successful evening! I am glad to see Sec 1 parents enjoying the evening.
We look forward to see new parents (fathers especially) stepping up to help out. It will be a rewarding experience for you as it has been for me! See you in the next PSG event!
PSG organising committee enjoying the close of the event with a  "jump shot"

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