Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Racial Harmony Day: Amazing Race

Bee Chin volunteered her time to help tend to the amazing race. She contributed the article on the event. The race is part of the Know-Do-Be activities planned for the students to appreciate the diversity of Singapore.

Amazing Race – Racial Harmony Day, 21 Jul 2010, Wednesday

One of the activities of this year’s Racial Harmony Day at TKSS is the Amazing Race. Similar to its TV namesake the Amazing Race, participants have to get to various points, in this instance within the neighbourhood of TKSS. Unlike the TV show however, no teams will be eliminated.
Students who have signed up for this activity were formed into groups. At each designated location, they have to perform a task before they can move on to the next location. These criteria are again not new to many of us who are fans of the TV reality show Amazing Race.
What I find really amazing (no pun intended) is how the planning committee has so carefully and succinctly planned the locations around the race(ial) theme to give full effect to the intent of a race as well as addressing the intent of the racial harmony day.
The locations that the participants have to criss-cross are an Indian temple close to Katong,
a Chinese temple in Joo Chiat, a mosque near Paya Lebar MRT,
the Eurasian Community Club not far from TKSS and
the Katong Antique House.

I am sure the participants are now more aware of the rich cultural heritage that surrounds TKSS. Credit to the planning committe for such a well thought out activity.

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