Thursday, April 1, 2010


“Hello, please come this way for TK1Nite registration.” Parents were met by friendly registration ladies (PSG volunteers) when they arrived for the TK1 Nite. From there, councilors guided the participants to the library and lab tours.

One of the highlights of the tour was a visit to the classroom where their children have prepared a table top artwork to express themselves. Parents, Alwi and Ram left a note of encouragement on their child’s desk for encouragement. Other parents did likewise, sitting at the students’ desk to have a feel of the surrounding.
The Principal and subject teachers gave a short talk to the parents to help the transition of child from primary to secondary school. The parents proceeded to the hall and had dinner. Parents are organised to seat with parents of the same class and teacher. The occassion was well used by parents to network with each other and share common experiences. Teachers also took the opportunity to explain some aspects of the class and give candid early feedback on the class.

Behind the scene, we have PSG committee and class reps working in harmony with the school management for this major parent event. PSG members took care of items including early planning, print and visual materials, dinner/caterer sourcing.
On the morning of the event day, Takako went to buy flowers and met PSG helpers to prepare for the flower decoration for each dining table. Roger the cameramen captured an artistic shot of Roy in the flower arrangement session. You can see Rinku in the picture preparation serving enriched water to the flowers.

In the afternoon at about 3pm, with tables set up by the school, the registration ladies took position with the list of participants. Student Councilors were on hand to be tour guides for the day.
At the end of the event, PSG members came together to give Mega a farewell “jump” shot for 7 her seven wonderful years in PSG committee.

PSG committee is really a fun bunch. Through such volunteer work, we get opportunity to contribute, make more friends and enrich our quality of life.
TKSS school management team has done a lot to help develop our children and emphasized the importance of parents as stakeholder. TK1 Nite was a key school and PSG collaborated event for the parents. Thank you to TKSS staff and the parents who came.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy working with the committee members. Everyone is willing to step forward and goes extra mile to contribute. Thank you.