Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome: New PSG members

Dear Parents,

As we enter into another new year. I would like to reflect on Y2009. The economic crisis that hit the whole world and made worst with the onslaught of the H1N1 virus has made TK PSG re-schedule some of its activities. However, TK PSG had a very good year with support from Parents and TKSS, from a wonderful and successful TK1 Nite to the colorful Racial Harmony exhibits set up by TK parents.

Many thanks not only to TK PSG Main Committee but parents and TKSS staff support, all the activities held was a success.

Looking forward to Y2010 and new parents in the fold, I believe TK PSG will once again look at a fruitful year. This is made possible because TKSS is blessed with supportive and motivated parents.

TK PSG, welcomes new parents and students to TKSS family. We sincerely hope to interact with all of you not only during the annual TK 1 Nite but activities that has been lined up throughout Y2010.

Feel free to contact us and join TK PSG in delivering our objectives for Y2010. We certainly need all the support from every TK parents.

Thank you

Safri Sujadi
Chairman, TK Parent Support Group

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