Monday, June 8, 2009

Beach Cleaning ... written by Michelle Hong

It was a beautiful morning. After a 30 minutes walk, the Sec1 students finally reached the beach.
However, the beach was not as clean as it looked.
Bright yellow trash bags and gloves were distributed to the students. Each class was assigned to clean up certain section of the beaches. The teachers briefed the students on what are they supposed to do and were also reminded not to go too near to the water.
The students began picking up litter on the beach and throwing them into the yellow trash bags. All the students helped to clean up the beach even under the sun! The PSG also joined in the fun.

After one hour, the sandy beach looked cleaner and the yellow trash bags were full. The students had loads of fun and laughed when they found strange looking rubbish.
The Sec 1 students were doing a great job. Time to walk back to the school and guessed what, Sec 1G class who are at the other side of the beach managed to see our President Mr Nathan exercising at the beach. The students were so excited and some of them managed to take photos with the President.
Of course, the PSG enjoyed themselves as well. We have a great exercise and at the same time helping up the environment.

Acknowledgement: Article contributed by Ms. Michelle Hong who has a son in sec3. She is one of the most regular volunteer parents.

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