Friday, October 3, 2008

School awards from MOE.

Dear PSG Members,

I am pleased to inform that in this year's MOE Work Plan Seminar which was held yesterday, TK was awarded the following:
1. Band 2 for GCE 'O' Level Performance
2. Sustained Achievement Award (SAA) for Physical Fitness
3. SAA for Aesthetics
4. SAA for Uniformed Groups
5. SAA for Academic Value-addness

TK has also been awarded the Outstanding Development Award for Character Development. In addition, at a separate Awards Ceremony to be held in Nov this year, TK will also be receiving the Achievement Award for Sports and Development Award for National Education. Much credit goes to all TK staff for their efforts in going the extra mile for the students and school. I would also like to thank all PSG members for all your support and assistance in enhancing the quality of the education offering that TK provides. The awards are an affirmation of the solid work put in by the staff, students and stakeholders. However, we at TK believe that the awards are means to an end, not ends in themselves. Our goal and passion are not in the awards per se but the positive changes and benefits that working for the awards will bring. Thank you once again for your help and support as we walk this journey together to provide a most memorable education experience for our children.

Best regards, Yan Kheng

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